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Upskill Your Career with the Best Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura

Now, it’s time to lay the foundation for your career with our agency-based digital marketing course at Pitampura. Learn all the tactics of SEO and social media marketing, content creation, and analytics in just 4 months under the mentorship of our experienced trainers.

Your future is what we care about! Take your career to new heights with our comprehensive digital marketing courses under the guidance of our skilled trainers. 

Here, we offer a wide range of courses to help you thrive in this competitive landscape. All our courses are well-designed to meet your needs, whether you are a beginner or a professional aiming to boost your professional skills.

The best part is that you don’t need a particular degree to join our classes!


Job Oriented

Job Oriented Course in Digital Marketing

  • 5 Week Training
  • Practical clasess
  • Live Project
  • 80+Tools Free Access

Basic Course

Basic Course in Digital Marketing

  • 12 Week Training
  • Practical Classes
  • Training with Expert
  • Interview Prapare Session


digimaster course in digital marketing

  • 8 week training
  • paid internship
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • 100% job Assistance

Master Course

Master Course in digital marketing

  • 16 week training
  • 20+ Certification
  • 50+Modules
  • paid internship

Attend the Best Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura at Your Pace

Don’t let your busy schedule hold you back from pursuing your goals! At H1 Tags, we have curated all our course options as per your availability to help you learn all the skills required to excel in the market

Regular Batches

Our regular batches are perfect for students who want a comprehensive digital marketing course consistently.

Live Online Batches

Attend the best digital marketing course from the comfort of your own home. Get the benefits of a traditional classroom experience with online classes.

Weekend Batches

The best digital marketing course in Pitampura is tailored for professionals and students who are seeking flexibility without disrupting their work.

Sunday Batches

Do you have hectic schedules during the week? Then, this Sunday batch digital marketing course at Pitapura is the batch for you!

Why choose the H1 Tags Digital Marketing Course in pitampura?

With the growing demand for professional digital marketers, our courses are curated to help you launch your career further, whether you are a beginner or a budding entrepreneur. Gain practical insights with hands-on projects and from one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions. 

Get enrolled in the best digital marketing course in Pitampura today!

Flexible Fee Structure

H1 Tags offers a reasonable and flexible fee structure (on an EMI basis), by which the students don't have to pay the full fee altogether but can make EMI.

Training Facilities

Easy for students to understand and study. Keen students can stay updated with their personalized Laptops relating to their subjects' latest advancements and curriculum.

Job Placement

Students in placement units learn about business standards and improve their job prospects. We give secure placement guarantees to our students.

Paid Internship

We ensure that our students get paid internships from the first month of joining. Unlike many of your friends, you can begin building your collection sooner. You can add this additional expertise to your resume.

Advanced Experience

As H1 Tags is an agency-based Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi, we ensure that our students work on practical and live projects, which builds confidence.

Proven Track Record

Our students tend to grow and enhance their careers; in many ways, our students are happy and satisfied; with our institute, they get placement in well-known companies.

Our Placement Partners

Benefits of Attending Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura

Join the best digital marketing course in Pitampura to equip yourself with the right skills to thrive in this high-demand digital landscape. From theory to practical sessions, our professional trainers will ensure you gain knowledge and skills. Gain access to endless possibilities with our certificate course in digital marketing.

Earn While You Learn

100% Practical Course

Classroom Training

20+ Globally Recognized Certifications

Earn While You Learn

100% Placement Assistance

Paid Internship from 1st Month

Weekdays and Weekend Batches

Live Projects

9 Tips on How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura


You want to gain the most knowledge and techniques from the best digital marketing institute in Pitampura, right?

By choosing the best institute to learn digital marketing, you are paving the way for an advancing career ahead. 

So, when it comes to choosing the right and the best institute, it is crucial to weigh all the parameters before you enroll in the certificate course in digital marketing.

Factors What to Consider How It Can Help You Grow
1. Skills Vs. Degree Equipping yourself with the latest digital marketing skills helps you to gain practical knowledge on SEO, content marketing, and analytics according to the industrial demands, boosting your chance of success.

On the other hand, a degree in digital marketing provides a better understanding in terms of theory in regard to market trends, which might add value but may not provide the same benefits as having a skill in digital marketing.

When choosing a digital marketing course, choose a digital marketing institute in Pitampura that offers hands-on projects, Internships, and digital marketing certificates. Having the right skill sets and a degree allows you to attain a high-paying job.
2. Find The Founding Year of the Institute Search for an institute with a well-established history of extensive experience in providing digital marketing courses in Pitampura. Enrolling in the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura, which has a well-established history, can offer you the valuable knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the digital marketing world.
3. Training Campus Infrastructure To facilitate your hands-on experience and skill development, observe the campus infrastructure and whether they have access to the latest technology, digital resources, and collaborative spaces. Enrolling in a good campus infrastructure can have an impact on your learning experience, increasing your abilities to learn and contributing to your satisfaction and overall success.
4. Trainer Teaching Skills Observe the trainer’s teaching skills, experience and how effectively they communicate their knowledge. And look at how they impart complex ideas clearly and effectively. A skilled trainer can provide comprehensive insights regarding the existing industrial trends and can concise the complex concepts, enhancing your learning experience.
5. Review of The Overall Institute Look for the overall rating of the institute, its teaching style, and infrastructure from alumnus and the website. Reviewing the ratings and testimonials of alums allows you to make informed decisions. It provides you with insights regarding the type of training and its effectiveness, allowing you to know whether it is aligning with your career goals.
6. Check Out for Institutional Branches Take into consideration whether the institute has various branches in the city or across the country. An institute with multiple branches shows credibility and adaptability, providing the requirements of diverse students for a successful career ahead.
7. Course Content Look for an institute with a dynamic curriculum covering emerging market trends to ensure you gain industry-relevant skills for a successful career. Ensure that the institute offers a curriculum with diverse modules like SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and analytics to equip you with versatile skills vital for modern-day marketing.
8. Fees Structure To make informed decisions, check and compare the fee structure with other institutes to ensure affordability without compromising on quality education. Choosing an institute that offers both affordability and quality education ensures you receive the best learning experience without breaking the bank.
9. Institute Location For more convenience sake, opt for an institute that is near your home. Choosing an institute near home ensures convenience, saving time for learning and commuting.




Our courses in Digital Marketing are customised for various individuals, whether you are a multitasking housewife, ambitious business owner, high school student, Class 12th passed out or professional. 

Here, you will get to learn about various topics like SEO, Ads, the secrets of money-making strategies, social media, digital marketing, etc. 

Moreover, we provide job-oriented programs to help prepare you for the right job, including dropshipping, to equip you with the latest skills for career advancement.

Course 1 

Advanced course in Digital Marketing 

Our Advanced digital marketing course masters the latest strategies in SEO, analytics, ad optimisation, and social media marketing. 

Modules Details 

  • 12 weeks Course Duration 
  • 20+ Course Modules
  • 80+ Premium Tools
  • Practical Classes From Day 1 
  • Regular/ Weekend Batches
  • 2 Exams

Course 2 

Foundation Course 

Gain the skills and confidence to start your career by learning the basics of digital marketing. 

Modules Details

  • 12 Weeks Course Duration
  • 20+ Course Modules
  • 80+ Premium Tools
  • Practical Classes From Day 1
  • Weekdays/ Weekend Batches
  • 2 Exams

Course 3

Customised Digital Marketing Course

Build your dream career with our customised digital marketing course tailored to fit your needs whether you are a housewife, a business owner, a class 12 passed student, a graduate, a professional, etc. 

Modules Details 

  • 7 Weeks Course Duration
  • 7+ Course Modules
  • 80+ Premium Tools
  • Practical Class From Day 1
  • Weekdays/ Weekend Batches
  • 2 Exams

Course 4

Money Making Course in Digital Marketing

Learn the in-demand skills on how to attract your audiences and hook them using SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Email campaigns.

Modules Details 

  • 8 Weeks Course Duration
  • 50+ Course Modules
  • 80+ Premium Tools
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • 20+ Certifications
  • Weekdays/ Weekend Batches

Course 5

Digimaster Course in Digital Marketing

With this comprehensive digimaster course in digital marketing gain hands-on experience and strategies to excel in this dynamic digital market world. 

Modules Details 

  • 8 Weeks Course Duration
  • 50+ Course Modules
  • 50+ Premium Tools
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • 20+ Certifications
  • Weekdays/ Weekend Batches

Course 6

Job Oriented Program

Our Job Oriented Program is to help you with the right skills and knowledge, from effective communication to problem-solving skills, to prepare you for an interview to excel in your real-life professional settings. 

Modules Details 

  • 5+ Duration Weeks
  • 4+ Course Modules
  • 80+ Premium Tools
  • Practical Class From Day 1 
  • Weekdays/ Weekend Batches
  • 1 Exams

Course 7 

Masters In Dropshipping Course

Enroll in the best Dropping Course in Pitampura to learn the fundamentals of e-commerce, sourcing products, and strategies on how to build effective marketing strategies for maximum profit. 

Modules Details

  • 8+ Weeks Course Duration
  • 50+ Course Modules
  • 50+Premium Modules
  • 20+ Certifications
  • 10+Case Studies
  • Weekdays/ Weekend Batches

Master These Essential Digital Marketing Tools Like a Pro


Learning digital marketing tools allows you to promote your business, services, or products online effectively, increasing your reach, engagement rates, and brand visibility. Having a good grip on the tools will help you create result-driven marketing campaigns, driving your business growth and helping it stay relevant on the market. 

Today, H1 Tags is one of Pitampura’s best digital marketing institutes, and it is known for its digital marketing course. All our courses are well-designed to help you master the essential tools to help you take your career or business ahead. 

Get equipped with the right tools to help you thrive in these competitive markets. By learning these digital marketing tools, you can transform your stagnant marketing strategy into one that is more result-driven and has a higher ROI. 

Tools You Will Be Mastering in Digital Marketing Course 


As a student, you will learn to use different tools to your advantage. 

  1. Get Response 

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that allows you to create, send, and track your email campaign like a pro. 

As a student, you will learn how to use this email marketing platform to build targeted email lists, design stunning newsletters, streamline follow-up sequences, and analyse the campaign performance for better results. 

  1. Google Ads 

A platform where you can create and manage ads to reach their target audience on Google’s search engine results pages and across its network of partners ‘ websites. 

Here, you will learn how to effectively create, optimise and study how your Google Ads campaigns are to drive better results. 

  1. Yoast 

A powerful SEO Plugin for your WordPress websites will help you optimise your SERP content by providing suggestions to improve readability and SEO factors like keyword usage, meta descriptions, and internal linking. 

Learn how to optimise your website content for better search engine visibility using Yoast. 

  1. Ubbersuggest

Do keyword research, competitive analysis, and site auditing by learning Ubbersuggest’s techniques. Get hands-on experience in identifying high-ranking keywords, studying competitors’ strategies, and optimising your website’s performance for better online visibility to drive organic traffic. 

  1. GTmetrix

Monitor your website performance using the GTmetrix tool. Study your web pages to learn about website loading speed and performance. 

Get hands-on experience using GTmetrix to optimise your site speed and user experience and improve your website ranking. 

  1. Screamingfrog

Having a good understanding of your website crawling and analysis using this powerful SEO tool, Screamingfrog. 

Learn how to conduct complete website audits, identify technical SEO issues, analyse your site structure and increase your online visibility. 

  1. SEO Site Checkup

Gain knowledge on how to effectively analyse and evaluate how your website is performing on search engines by learning how to identify issues related to SEO, site visibility and ranking. 

  1. Solarwinds pingdom

Learn how to track your website performance, uptime, and user experience through this powerful website monitoring tool. 

  1. Woorank

Equip yourself with the website analysis tool to see how your website is performing on the search engines and learn how to identify areas that need improvement to improve your online presence and traffic. 

  1. Ahrefs

We will teach you how to use Ahrefs to improve your site visibility, conduct keyword research, study your competitors’ strategies, and improve your overall search rankings. 

  1. Sproutsocial 

Become an expert in managing social media campaigns, tracking metrics, and optimising your content for better reach to drive your business for higher impact. 

  1. Hootsuite

We will teach you how to manage your day-to-day social media posts like a professional digital marketer with a Hootsuite class for better ROI. 

  1. Buffer

Learn how to effectively use the Buffer tool to swiftly manage your business or client’s social media profiles and messages.

  1. Twitter Analytics

Under our experienced trainer, become an expert in tracking your follower count, engagement, impressions, retweets, and more.  

  1. Ads Manager

Manage and optimise your online advertising campaigns across various platforms like a professional to help maximise your marketing campaigns and achieve marketing objectives. 

  1. TweetDeck

As a student, you will learn how to monitor, schedule, and efficiently manage multiple Twitter Accounts to schedule tweets, track, and stay organised. 

  1. BuzzSumo

We will teach you how to research content, identify the top-performing content, study the trends, understand the audience, and improve your content strategy for better reach. 

  1. SpyFlu

Gain in-depth insights into conducting competitive research, identifying market trends, and optimising your campaigns for better ad performance and ROI. Learn how to use this tool to analyse your competitors’ advertising strategies. 

  1. Answer The Public

Here, you will be taught how to conduct in-depth research, analyse the trends, and create engaging content that resonates with your audience using this Answer The Public tool. 

  1. Mention

Become a certified digital marketer by learning how to manage online brand presence effectively, conduct competitor analysis, engage with your customers, and gain insights to make result-driven digital marketing campaigns. 

  1. Google Trends

Learn how to identify emerging trends or topics on Google to help you better understand your audience’s interest and make data-driven decisions for better content creation, marketing strategies, and research projects. 

  1. Google Tag Manager

Enroll in a digital marketing course in Pitampura to learn various tools, like Google Tag Manager, to set up, organise, and track tags and variables for effective data collection and marketing campaigns. 

  1. SimilarWeb

Under the guidance of our experienced trainer, you will learn how to conduct competitor research, identify industry trends, and improve your own online marketing strategies using the SimilarWeb tool. 

  1. Bing Ads

As a student, our dedicated team of trainers will help you create and manage effective PPC campaigns, optimise ad performance and target specific audiences to drive traffic and conversions. 

  1. Google Data Studio

The best digital marketing institute in Pitampura is here to teach you how to use Google Data Studio to analyse and present data effectively to make result-oriented decisions for your business. 

  1. Crazyegg

Learn how to optimise your website by analysing user behaviour using heat maps, recordings, and A/B testing. 

  1. Google Search Console

We will teach you how to use Google Search Console to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in the Google Search results. You will learn how to optimise your website’s visibility, track performance, and identify the areas that need improvement to rank higher in the search engines. 

  1. Optimize

Equip yourself with the Optimize tools for various digital marketing campaigns, such as website design, content, ads, and user experience, to maximise ROI. 

  1. Balsamiq

Enrolling in our digital marketing course in Pitampura, we will help you learn how to use the Balsamiq tool to your advantage to generate creative ideas, design user flows, and communicate concepts visually, enhancing your prototyping and designing skills. 

  1. Landingi

A platform for creating and optimising optimising your landing page. With our certificate course in digital marketing, we will teach you how to use Landingi to design stunning landing pages tailored to your marketing campaigns, study visitor behaviour, and improve conversions. 

  1. Mailchimp

Learn how to use MailChimp to create, send, and analyse email campaigns. This tool allows you to effectively reach your target audience, create engaging email content, streamline your campaigns, and analyse performance metrics for better marketing strategies. 

  1. GMass

 Efficiently manage and automate your email campaigns using GMass to personalise your messages, track responses, and analyse email performance for better reach. 

  1. Hubspot

We will teach you how to use Hubspot to help you attract, engage and delight your customers with result-driven email marketing content, social media management, lead generation, analytics, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to drive growth and success. 

  1. Bitly

Our experienced trainers will guide you in creating and shortening your website links, tracking click-through rates, and analysing data to improve your online marketing efforts effectively. 

Stop procrastinating about having a successful career!



  1. Why is H1 Tags the best digital marketing institute in Pitampura, Delhi?

H1 Tags is proud as the top digital marketing institute in Pitampura, Delhi for its quality courses, expert trainers, hands-on experience, and flexible batch options tailored to your convenience and learning style.

  1. Why should I learn digital marketing in 2024?

From search engines to social media, every organisation relies on digital strategies, and it is impossible to separate digital and marketing in today’s world. So, it is crucial to learn practical and employable skills by enrolling in a digital marketing course at H1 Tags, Pitampura. 

  1. What makes the H1 Tags Institute of AI-Powered Digital Marketing course different from other institutes in Pitampura?

H1 Tags is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Pitampura with its AI-powered digital Marketing course, offering trending market insights, personalised learning, practical AI applications, and industry-relevant projects to ensure you are equipped for the future of marketing.

  1. How much a digital marketing fresher can make in India in 2024?

As a digital marketing fresher in India, you can earn around 1.8 to 2 lakh annually. Moreover, you can also do freelancing work for additional income streams, making it a profitable career choice. 

  1. How do I start a successful digital marketing career in 2024?

To have a successful digital marketing career in India, start investing in your learning about the techniques of how the market works by learning SEO, social media marketing, content strategy, PPC, and many more by enrolling in the best digital marketing course at H1 Tags, Pitampura. 


I recently completed the Digital Marketing course at H1Tags Institute, and I must say, it has been an enlightening experience from start to finish.



My journey with digital marketing started here , coming here was one of the best decision I have taken. From the courses to the mentors everything was good.

Amit Kumar


Best Digital Marketing Institute to learn digital marketing. Here, the trainers are well-trained professionals who are cooperative and helpful in clearing all your doubts.



Great encounter. The H1 TAGS Digital Marketing course is convenient and easy to comprehend. As I come from a commerce background,

Tarun Kumar

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