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How to Become a Graphic Designer after 12th?

Graphic Designer after 12th

Graphic design is all about communicating messages through beautiful images. So, do you have the heart to bring ideas to life?

Graphic design is the knack for you!

What you will be doing as a graphic designer after 12th is using technologies and art to communicate the brand messages clearly through images. Moreover, there is an increasing demand for skilled graphic designers in India due to increase rise of businesses who are looking to build a team of creative individuals who can take their business to the next height. 

Do you think about how to become a graphic designer after 12th

Well, this article is to help you navigate the way to your dream career as a graphic designer. Moreover, you will also be learning about the different graphic design courses available for you to learn graphic design. 

What is Graphic Design?

In simple words, graphic designer after 12th is the art of creating visual content to communicate messages. It involves the use of images, text, and symbols to convey ideas or information effectively. 

As a graphic designer, use will be using various tools and techniques to design logos, posters, websites, and many more. Your main focus is on making designs that are both visually appealing and easy to understand. It can be designing a logo for the company you are working in or for or creating graphics for social media. 

Remember this: graphic design plays a crucial role in shaping how people perceive and interact with the world. 

Are you thinking about how to become a graphic designer after the 12th? 

Get enroll in the best graphic design course in Delhi at H1 Tags! 

Steps to Become a Professional Graphic Designer After 12th

Here, you will learn about what you need to do to become a graphic designer after 12th . There are: 

1. Attend a Graphic Design Course 

With the right guidance from experienced mentors, you can gain industrial insight and boost your skills and chances of getting hired by big companies. 

Do you have the creativity but lack in skills?

If so, then attending a graphic design course at H1 Tags is an option. It is because attending a course in graphic design in Pitampura allows you to learn the fundamental knowledge of design principles, use software tools, and learn to bring your creative ideas to life. 

Through this certificate course you will learn about typography, layout design, and colour theory and how to combine all these to bring out the ideas you have. 

By enrolling in the graphic design courses after the 12th, you can expect to learn the basic or advanced level of graphic design. 

2. Have a Deep Knowledge About the Theory 

Colours have a lasting impression on people. So, take advantage of it to learn about how colour coordination can bring impressions and engagement in life. Learning about the theory will allow you to understand the layouts, spacing, visual structure and hierarchy and use appropriate typography. 

Through this theory, you will never take for granted what colour theory can do to your audience and the impression it can have. 

3. Learn Software Tools 

Are you stressing about how to become a graphic designer after 12th

If you are looking to compete with others, then the best way to do so is by learning software tools like Indesign, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc. 

Learning how to use these tools gives you an upper hand, allowing you to create and manipulate images, design logos, and layout. 

Start learning how to use software tools to start a successful graphic design career after your class 12th. 

Moreover, keep up with the industrial trends and get familiarised with relevant tools like Canva and Sketch. 

4. Do Internship 

A success story begins with a small step. So, after you learn graphic design, go ahead and start as an intern. Through the internship, you will gain real-life experiences, allowing you to prepare for a successful career. It also provides you an opportunity to build your porforlios, increasing your chances of getting higher by big companies. 

What H1 Tags Graphic Design Course Provides You?

In a world full of competitors and businesses looking to hire the best and most skilled candidates, we ensure to meet the expectations of the market by ensuring our curriculum is well designed according to the market. 

Your skills are our priorities. What H1 Tags certificate course in Graphic Design is all about honing your skills through practical classes and doubt-clearing sessions. Our trainers are experienced and skilled in bringing the best according to each student’s needs. 

Gain experience and knowledge as an intern from a paid internship program from the first month itself. Moreover, you will get chances to hone your skills through live projects, learn in-depth through weekly quizzes, and forget about the stress of getting hired. 

At H1 Tags, we offer our students 100% placement assistance, giving our students a little push to go ahead in their professional careers. 

There are two courses currently offered for students who are interested and want to know how to become a graphic designer after 12th. 

Our course includes: 

1. Basic Graphic Design Course

Attend basic graphic design for 3 months where you will learn all the basics of what graphic design is all about: colour theory, design patterns, principles, typography, iconography, and master software tools. 

Moreover, in a basic graphic design course, you will be equipped with software tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw. Looking for a chance to become a sought-after graphic designer in Delhi?

2. Advanced Graphic Designing and Video Editing. 

Get enrolled in our advanced graphic design course after the 12th and gain practical skills and knowledge to take your career as a graphic designer further. 

Here, you will learn the fundamentals and in-depth about design, colour, typography, colour theory, animations, making GIFs, and motion graphics. 

Now, many businesses are looking for a motion graphic designer, and it’s time to take your skills further with our advanced course in graphic design. Get equipped with software tools like After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Figma in just 4th month. 

How Skills Do Companies Look For in Graphic Designers When Hiring?

Well, now that you know how to become a graphic designer after 12th, do you know what skills companies want when looking for a graphic designer/

Let’s take a good look at the top skills various companies seek in a candidate. There are: 

1. Knowledge of Photoshop

Many companies’ common outlook for graphic designer skills is Photoshop. Do you know how to do Photoshop? 

Learn how to use Photoshop with our basic graphic design course! 

2. Illustrator 

Do you know how to use Illustrator?

If you are looking at how to become a graphic designer after the 12th, then you should know how to use Illustrator. 

3. Creativity

The must-have skill if you are looking to be a graphic designer after the 12th is to be creative. Most recruiters look for creative candidates, and if you can do the talk with your creativity, then you have a higher chance of getting hired as a graphic designer. 

4. Team Player 

Are you a team player?

If so, then you got the job. Many companies look for people who can thrive in teams as well as individuals to bring creative ideas to the table. 

5. HTML 

Want to become a graphic designer in an IT Company?

The skills many IT company looks for apart from the 4 is HTML. So, acquire the skills and get your chances of getting hired by big companies. 


To conclude, there is a projection that the graphic design market will surge, and it’s your chance to hone the skills required to get hired by top companies in India by learning graphic design after the 12th. 

So, put your worries about how to become a graphic designer after the 12th to rest by enrolling in the top graphic design institute in Delhi at H1 Tags.

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