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From 12th Pass to Professional Graphic Designer: A Complete Career Guide

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The pressure of having a successful career ahead and being independent is what drives you to choose a career after the 12th, right? We all have been in that situation where, “What career is best for me?” and the fear of, “Is this the right professional for me?” pressurised us. 

The best part of today’s blog is that we will take you along on how you can become a professional graphic designer after the 12th through this complete guide. Continue reading to gain insights through this complete guide on how to start a career in graphic design. 

Scope of Graphic Design in India

The demand for graphic designers across the industry is on the rise from fashion, IT, Advertising Agencies, Print and Electronic Media, Websites, Design Companies, Publishing Houses, Architecture Firms, etc. 

In an era where attention spans are short, the demand for professional graphic design in India is on the rise. Today, almost every brand increasingly relies on engaging visual images to leave a lasting impression on audiences, driving the need for skilled designers. 

According to a recent report, 40% of companies use visual images to communicate with clients, and consistent visual design can boost sales by 33%. This growing emphasis on visual communication highlights the expanding scope of graphic design in India, making it a vital and lucrative field for creative individuals like you. 

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a creative field where you use both art and technology to communicate ideas visually. As a designer, you leverage typography, imagery, colour, and layout techniques to create visual compositions for various media, including websites, advertisements, magazines, and logos. 

Here, the goal of a graphic designer is to convey the brand’s messages effectively, enhance the user experience, and make information appealing and accessible. It plays a crucial role in branding, marketing, and user interface design, shaping how audiences perceive and interact with content.

So, if you are into creativity and still questioning how to become a graphic designer after 12th and what graphic design skills to learn, then you have come to the right place! Before we jump on to how to become a graphic designer, let’s have a look at the work graphic designers do. 

What does A Graphic Designer Do?

When questioned about what a professional graphic designer does, they use different technologies to create visually useful, meaningful, and functional images depending on the company’s or client’s needs. However, in general, the graphic designer includes:

  • Creating visual assets to enhance the marketing campaign.
  • Crafting compelling creative images for social media posts.
  • Designing a print advertisement layout and editing photos for digital signage

So, the goal of graphic designers is to convey messages effectively to enhance user experience and make information appealing and more accessible, shaping how audiences perceive and interact with content.

How to Become a Graphic Designer After 12th

As the era of new technologies emerges, the need for professional graphic designers is in increased demand. According to recent reports, the graphic design industry is positive, as it is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4.4% from 2020 to 2027. Here’s how to start a career in graphic design in 2024!

1. Learn the Fundamental

If you are a newbie, the first thing to start is learning the fundamentals of graphic design principles. Also, I want to learn a bit about the software tools that are used in designs, like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, and InDesign, and get a better idea of how design works. 

For a starter, the best place to gain basic knowledge is through watching online tutorials and books, and enrolling in a graphic design course can be of great help to you. 

2. Enroll in a Graphic Design Course

Career in Graphic Design

Suppose you are looking to become a professional graphic designer in Delhi. In that case, you not only need to know the foundations but also how to look at hierarchy, visual organisation, space, layouts, and the use of suitable typography in graphic design through a graphic design certification course.

Under the mentorship of our experienced trainers, you can gain hands-on experience to enhance your skills and credibility, making you ready for a successful career in graphic design.

3. Build a Good Portfolio

A graphic design portfolio serves as a crucial tool which allows you to showcase your skills, creativity, and style to potential employers or clients in the graphic design field. 

It is not a piece of report. However, it demonstrates your proficiency in various design projects, establishes your reputation, enhancing your chances of securing opportunities by highlighting your best work and professional growth.

4. Internships and Freelancing

You might be worried about how to secure your future by becoming a professional graphic designer to gain practical experience through internships or even freelance graphic design.

A graphic design internship course will not only provide real-world exposure but also help you build professional contacts, helping you in your career in graphic design. 

Benefits of Becoming a Professional Graphic Designer in India 

Are you questioning how lucrative a career in graphic design is? Here are some of the benefits of choosing a career in graphic design skills.

There is an increased rise in digital marketing and online presence, which has led to an increase in demand for professional graphic designers across different industries. Many businesses are looking for experienced and skilled graphic designers to help them make a lasting impression on the audience’s mind, providing an ample amount of job opportunities and career stability.

Choosing a career in graphic design offers a platform for individuals to let loose their creative side, allowing them to transform ideas into visually appealing designs, which can be highly fulfilling and satisfying.

As a graphic designer, you can start earning an average of 25k and beyond. Moreover, you can also command competitive salaries, especially if you have a good amount of experience in graphic design and have a strong portfolio, making it a financially rewarding career choice.

There is a diverse career choice you can explore, from website design, brand design, ad designs, UI/UX designs, motion graphics, etc, enabling you to find your niche and grow in the field you find preferred. 

If working in a corporation is not your thing, then learning graphic design skills, you can work as a freelance graphic designer.  Here, you have the opportunity to work according to your preferred choice, or you can even start your own design business, graphic design agency, or company. 

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List of Graphic Design Jobs to Choose in 2024 

Here is the list of careers in graphic design to choose from in 2024. 

  • Graphic Designer             
  • Web Designers 
  • Design Illustrators           
  • Brand Designer 
  • Art Director
  • The Creative Head
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • Animation Designer
  • Illustrator

What are the Essential Skills for Graphic Designers 

When it comes to choosing the right fit for their work, many recruiters look for professional graphic designers who possess these skills or more. So, today, let’s have a look at the essential skills you need to start a career in graphic design. 

  • Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).
  • UI/UX Design Knowledge
  • Fast Learner
  • Team player

Take Away

If you are thinking about how to become a graphic designer in India after the 12th, it’s time to consider enrolling in a graphic design course at H1 Tags in Pitampura. Equipping yourself with skills will help you to set the foundation for a successful career in graphic design. 

You have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals where you can master essential tools and techniques of graphic design to build a strong portfolio and stay updated with industry trends, ensuring you meet the demands of this dynamic graphic design industry. 

Become a professional graphic designer through our graphic design course to learn from the basic to the advanced level to have a successful and fulfilling career in graphic design. Also, gain the opportunity to work on real-life projects through paid internship and placement assistance. 


1. Is graphic design a good career in India?

Yes, graphic design is a promising career in India because there is a growing demand for digital and print media, advertising, and branding, which increases the need for skilled and professional graphic designers. Moreover, it also offers creative opportunities and competitive salaries, making it a rewarding profession for many.

2. How do I get a graphic design job?

To get a graphic design job, earn a degree, or enroll in a graphic design certification course at H1 Tags through an internship, build a strong portfolio to showcase your skills and creativity, and stay updated on the latest trends. 

3. What is needed for graphic design?

Graphic design requires creativity, an eye for detail, and proficiency in design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Along with that, an internship with a strong portfolio, good communication skills, and an understanding of design principles and branding are also essential.

4. How can I become a professional graphic designer?

To become a professional graphic designer, pursue a graphic design course at H1 Tags to develop your skills with hands-on projects and to create a compelling portfolio. Also, stay updated with industry trends through paid internships and network with professionals to gain experience and opportunities.

5. How much can a graphic designer earn per month in India?

As a graphic designer in India, you can earn between INR 20,000 – NR 50,000 per month. However, it also depends on your experience, skills, and location. So, with advanced skills and a robust portfolio, a professional graphic designer can earn even higher salaries, particularly in major cities like Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, etc. 

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