Top Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers: Kickstart Your Career Today

Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

The hunt for a job as a fresher can be frustrating because many freshers fail to land a job due to a lack of experience and not knowing what strategies to apply. Fortunately, digital marketing job opportunities exist, and with the appropriate knowledge and skill set, you can secure the position you desire.

The biggest question many freshers ask is, how to start a career in digital marketing?

One way to land a career in digital marketing is through attending a digital marketing course in Delhi. So, to learn more about various digital marketing jobs available for freshers. Without further ado, let’s look into the job opportunities available for freshers in digital marketing. 

Scope of Digital Marketing in India 

The Indian digital marketing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.42% and reach INR 539 billion by this year. 

We can’t deny that technologies and the market have forced many businesses to pay attention to their online presence in this digital era. This has led many companies to seek skilled professionals who can take their business ahead. 

Even the Government of India, the Ministry of Electronics & IT, created Digital India, to which the economist mentioned that the creation of Digital India is to increase the GDP of India upto USD 1 million by 2025. 

According to Goldman Sachs, a report from Time of India, the advanced advertising profession’s scope in the Indian market is expected to be valued at $160B by 2025.

With the massive population and internet penetration, many are looking to have a wider reach with the audience. Enrolling in online marketing courses can help you find the perfect digital marketing job for freshers. 

Top 5 Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers in 2024

Let’s explore some popular digital marketing job opportunities for freshers in India. 

1. Digital Marketing Executive 

The lucrativeness and better career scope make it a sought-after digital marketing job for freshers. Moreover, you are responsible for how the audience looks at your client’s or your brand’s online presence. Your primary role is to promote a brand or client’s products or services through online advertisement. 

To have successful career growth in digital marketing as an executive, you need to be thorough with digital marketing and how to use these online marketing tips and tricks to generate revenues for the business. 

Skills Required 

  1. Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
  2. Ability to create engaging content, including writing, graphics, and videos.
  3. Ability to manage social media platforms and create engaging content.
  4. Ability to analyse data from various digital marketing tools to make informed decisions.

2. SEO Executive

Another tremendous entry-level digital marketing job is to work as an SEO executive. If you are an individual with analytical ability, then you should consider starting as an SEO intern.

So, as an intern executive, your main focus is increasing the website’s traffic to help the business or the client’s website rank on the first page of search engines. 

Suppose you are looking for a digital marketing job opportunity as an SEO executive. In that case, you need in-depth knowledge of keyword research, SEO Copywriting, search engines, and keeping up with the SEO Algorithms. 

Today, there is massive competition among businesses to have a robust online presence, which leads to a huge demand for SEO experts. This makes it one of the most popular and in-demand digital marketing jobs for freshers. 

Skills Requirement

  1. Ability to come up with relevant content.
  2. Know on-page and off-page SEO.
  3. Ability to the relevant keywords using tools like Google Keywords Planner and SEMrush.
  4. Proficiency in using SEO tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.
  5. Understanding the basics of HTML and CSS. 

3. PPC Executive

As a PPC Executive, you make the client website more visible through the Pay-Per-Click ads campaigns on SERPs. So, here you are in charge of applying an efficient blend of creative and analytical techniques to target specific audiences and maximise return on investment from different paid marketing platforms. Here, you will use competitor activity, consumer search phrases, and habits to increase traffic to your site. 

Skills Requirement 

  1. Ability to analyse data and interpret results to make informed decisions from the ad’s performance.
  2. Familiar with tools like Google Ads and Bing Ads, along with basic knowledge of SEO and HTML.
  3. Ability to come up with creative copies or content that convert potential customers. 
  4. Precision in managing budgets, bids, and keywords ensures campaigns run efficiently.
  5. Have strong verbal and written communication skills.

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4. Email Marketing Executive 

Working as an Email Marketing Executive is another popular digital marketing job for freshers. If you are a fresher and want to start a career as an email marketer, your role is to prepare and create email campaigns. At the same time, you maintain your subscriber lists, produce interesting newsletters, and track campaign effectiveness for the company. 

Skills Requirement 

  1. Ability to write explicit and engaging email content that engages your potential clients. 
  2. Know how to analyse the email campaign performance using metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  3. Proficient in email marketing tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot, etc.
  4. Have a keen eye for coming up with unique and visually appealing designs. 

5. Content Marketing Executive 

As a fresher if you are looking for digital marketing job opportunities, content marketing executive is one of the best professions for building a successful career. Your responsibilities are to create engaging and compelling content that will assist your business in achieving its goals and growing. 

Skills Requirement 

  1. Come up with engaging and compelling content for all social media platforms. 
  2. Write SEO-friendly content that ranks on the SERPs.
  3. Ability to conduct thorough research to gather accurate information.
  4. Familiar with all the social media platforms to promote the services through content.
  5. Ability to analyse the content performance metrics through the use of data.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing as a Fresher?

Now that we have learned about the digital marketing jobs for freshers and their descriptions, let’s discuss how to start a career in digital marketing as a fresher. 

We understand that there are ample entry-level digital marketing jobs out there, but as a fresher, you might find it hard to land a high-paying job without prior experience. So, to help you land a job as a fresher, stay tuned! 

The excellent news is that H1 Tags, one of the leading digital marketing institutes, provides the best digital marketing course for people from diverse backgrounds. You can enroll in the course whether you are a student who has passed out CL-12th, a graduate, an entrepreneur, a working professional, a housewife, etc. 

With a team of dedicated trainers, we are here to help you train a real-life project through digital marketing courses and digital marketing internships from the first month itself. Once you have earned a certificate course in digital marketing, diligently keep applying for a job and connect with professionals through social media platforms like LinkedIn. Enroll in H1 Tags, the best digital marketing Institute in Delhi, for successful career growth in digital marketing. 


1. Can a fresher enroll in a digital marketing course?

Yes! As a fresher, you can enroll in a digital marketing course. The best part is that H1 Tags provides one of the best digital courses in Delhi designed for beginners, business owners, housewives, CL-12th, working professionals, etc. It offers foundational knowledge and practical skills through paid digital marketing internships to start a career in digital marketing.

2. What is the eligibility to attend a digital marketing course?

There are no eligibility requirements to attend digital marketing courses at H1 Tags. You can enroll in the courses whether you are a CL-12th student, a graduate, an entrepreneur, a working professional looking to upgrade your skills, etc.

3. How much can a fresher earn in digital marketing?

A fresher in digital marketing, you can expect to earn an average salary ranging from INR 2.5 to 4 lakhs per annum in India. However, it can vary based on location, company, and individual skills.

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