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From Classroom to Job Market: 6 Skills Employers Want in Your Graduates

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The job market is getting more challenging, especially for fresh graduates. According to the Indian Employment Report 2024 by the Institute of Human Development/International Labour Organisation, about 7-8 million young people are added to the labour force annually. 

About 83% of India are unemployed; among these unemployed, the number of students who have completed their secondary level education/higher has doubled from 2000 to 2022 by 35.25% to 65.7%. 

With the fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over jobs and mass layoffs happening in Tech companies, there is increasing anxiety about job security. However, with the rise of the Internet and the use of digital platforms, learn the skills of the future with H1 Tags.  

In this blog, we will learn about the student’s employability and what skills employers look for in employees. 

Top 6 Skills Employer Looks For in Employees 2024

Though different markets have different demands, digital skills are among the top skills most employers look for in employees. Learn the skills of the future by equipping yourself with these in-demand skills. There are

1. Digital Marketing 

There is tremendous growth seen in digital marketing in India. Now, more businesses seek a better online presence and a skilled and experienced digital marketer to handle their brands.

Based on research from Magna Global, a media investment firm owned by IPG Mediabrands, Indian advertising revenue is anticipated to reach Rs 1.22 lakh crore by 2024, growing at an 11.4% annual rate.

Now, employers seek well-rounded digital marketers with creative and analytical skills to craft engaging and informative content for your brand. 

Learning digital skills allows you to create compelling content, analyse data to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, and use various tools and technologies to reach your target audience. 

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Learning How to Use AI Tools 

The way AI continues to revolutionise the market has been entirely different. Now, many graduates proficient in AI technologies have a better competitive edge. 

For example, many people today use chatbots like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Rytr to generate unique and engaging lines and messages. So, what you can do is master the use of AI to develop your marketing messages. 

However, there is high speculation that AI will replace, but familiarity with AI tools is invaluable in today’s job market. So, by mastering AI applications, you can streamline processes and drive innovation in your respective fields.

3. SEO Mastery

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) remains critical to digital presence and visibility. Businesses seek graduates with SEO expertise to enhance their online visibility and drive organic traffic to websites. 

So, a clearer understanding of keyword research, content optimisation, and algorithm updates is essential for SEO mastery of digital skills. 

Learn to master these technical skills by enrolling in a Digital Marketing course at H1 Tags.  

4. Graphic Design Skills

With limited attention, people are looking for visuals to hook their attention. Visual content reigns supreme today, and graphic design skills are in high demand across various industries. Whether creating engaging social media graphics or designing marketing materials, being proficient in graphic design can effectively communicate messages and enhance brand identity. 

So, learn the skills of the future by mastering graphic design to craft aesthetics to hook the target audience. 

5. Emotional Intelligence

While technical skills are essential, many employers also look for soft skills such as emotional intelligence. So, if you are looking for a job or fresher, business owners look for qualities such as empathy, communication, and interpersonal skills to thrive in diverse workplace environments. 

Moreover, emotional intelligence enables you to collaborate effectively, resolve conflicts, and lead your teams with compassion and resilience. Many employers emphasise fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture, making emotional intelligence a highly valued skill in today’s job market.

6. Project Management Expertise

Due to increasing projects, employers will have a high demand for project management skills in 2024. Moreover, there is a need for effective project management, which is essential for ensuring that tasks are completed on time, within budget, and according to specifications. 

So, as a graduate, if you have strong project management skills, including planning, organisation, communication, and problem-solving, you are highly valued by employers. You oversee marketing campaigns, product launches, or IT projects as a project manager. Moreover, your ability to manage projects efficiently is a valuable asset for today’s business environment.

Why Learn the Skills of the Future with H1 Tags’ Digital Marketing Course?

Today, H1 Tags have trained more than 10,000 students and have 1000+ students got placement assistance. Knowing the increasing demands of digital marketing skills, SEO skills, and other technical skills, H1 Tags has become one of the go-to institutes for building a career. With experienced and skilled trainers, students can learn and implement theory and practical knowledge through real-life projects. 

Moreover, H1 Tags provides paid internships from the first month, allowing the students to earn and learn the in-demand skills. 

Today, learn the skills of the future to land a high-paying job or secure your current job with a Digital Marketing Course! 


In conclusion, prepare yourself to transition from the classroom to the job market by acquiring diverse skills for success. So, gaining digital skills, soft skills like emotional intelligence, and the ability to adapt and learn future skills is paramount. You can position yourself as a valuable asset in this dynamic, competitive job market by mastering these six skills – digital marketing, AI proficiency, SEO mastery, graphic design skills, project management, and emotional intelligence.

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